Plumbing is a Box of Chocolates

plumbers with chocolates

When a customer goes out of her way to drop off a basket of chocolates to thank you for the stormwater work you completed at her property, you know you are on the right track!

This customer had difficult stormwater issues that had been misdiagnosed by a number of plumbers who weren’t interested in figuring out where excess ground water was coming from and how to get it out to the kerb. We took the time to properly diagnose the issue, develop a solution and completed difficult works in a very confined space with minimal disruption to the customer.

Tough plumbing problems do not have to turn into a nightmare for you. You can trust Good Neighbour Plumbing to take the time to make an accurate diagnosis of the problem, develop a fix and complete the works efficiently and professionally. If you are having plumbing problems, give us a call on 9651 4884 and experience the Good Neighbour Plumbing difference.