Major sewer repairs do not have to up end your life!

Drain Triple

This property suffered from constant blocked drain issues in the old earthenware pipe. All previous work on the drains was only to clear local root blockages without any investigation work.  For any serious blockage issues we always use our CCTV camera and locating equipment to locate the blockage and determine the extent of damage to the pipes.

On this job we found that the 150mm sewer shaft at the boundary of the property was completely cracked and collapsed and filled with roots.  The customer approved the mechanical excavation of the shaft and repair of 14m of pipe running to the house.  We cut out a one metre square section of the driveway, excavated down 1.5 metres to the connection to the main, replaced all broken pipe with new 150mm and 100mm PVC plumbing drain pipe.  We backfilled the hole with recycled road base, re-concreted the driveway, filled in all trenches and spread lawn dressing to promote regrowth of the lawn.

All works were completed in a single day while the owners were away from the property so there was little inconvenience to them. If you have serious drain issues and want the diagnosed and fixed quickly and professionally, give us a call on 9651 4884 and we will be happy to help.